Friday, August 28, 2009

Playlist music blog folded into all purpose blog.

Current playlists and other music related items are and will be here forthwith.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playlist August 25th 2009

Kakonita - Nils Petter Molvaer
The Man (Part One) - Peace Orchestra
Gute Lounge (feat. Tweed) -Tosca
What Sound - Lamb
Brown Rice - Don Cherry
That's How I Feel - Sun Ra
Aphelion - Fridge
Hindsight - DJ Shadow

Stereo - Pavement
I Will Dare - The Replacements
I Want You to Want Me - Cheap Trick
Walken - Wilco
Roll Plymouth Rock - Brian Wilson
The Rail Song - Adrian Belew
Keep The Car Running - Arcade Fire
Chicago - Hedningarna
Look At Me - John Lennon
The Day On You - Tom Verlaine
Smile - Lily Allen
I'm a Lady - Santogold
Inspiration Information - Shuggie Otis
Sonofamutha - The Herbaliser

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Playlist August 18th

Trip - Nils Petter Molvaer
Moth Wings - Tape
Passing Over - Brian Eno
Creek Lullaby - Margaret
Untangle - Four Tet
Dismantling Five Years - Venetian Snares
Check 1,2 - Dillinja and Lemon D
Midnight Request Line (digital mystix remix) - Skream
Do Ya Think I'm Freaky - Huelepega Sound System
Block Rockin' Beats - Chemical Brothers
Suffer - Smashing Pumpkins
Satisfaction - Cat Power
Beautiful Feeling - PJ Harvey
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey - The Beatles
Jean Genie - David Bowie
Love Me Two Times - The Doors
Ride to Live - Zeke
Conquest - The White Stripes
Down on the Street - The Stooges
Three Days - Jane's Addiction

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Source for some of August 11ths playlist

Three songs on August 11th's playlist can be found free at Irdial (the labels catalogue of free mp3's at Internet Archive). It's a huge free collection and the songs in the 8/10 playlist that are links lead to those songs and others by the artists.

Playlist August 11th

"I'm Going to Sleep On It"
Aughre & Mosh Patrol
Is There Anyone Else Outside

"Sky Floats"
Bannister Boy

Anthony Manning


"Historic Moment"
Thee J Johanz

Madonna Live Over Yorkshire

"Everything Is Alright"
Four Tet

"We Share Our Mothers Health"
The Knife
Silent Shout

"Triangle Walks"
Fever Ray
Fever Ray

"Ukkonen/Thunder God"

"Do It"

"This Is Rob Swift"
Herbie Hancock (feat. Rob Swift)

"Gadget Funk"
Take London

"Keep On"
DJ Kentaro (feat. The Pharcyde)

"The Lighthouse"
Amon Tobin
Chaos Theory

"In the Meantime"

PJ Harvey
4-Track Demos

Surfer Rosa

PJ Harvey
4-Track Demos

"Killing Floor"
Howlin Wolf
The Real Folk Blue

Tom Verlaine

"Endless Cycle"
Lou Reed
New York

"Unitive Knowledge of the God Head"

PIL Public Image Limited

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

rough playlist 7 28 09

Kameleon 2562 Aerial
Alien Cybotron (Dillinja) Cybotron LP
Pensamientos Electro Tub Tango Meets Bossa Nova
La Cumbia Es Un Tango El Hijo De La Cumbia Freestyle De Ritmos
Mountain of Needles Eno/Byrne My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Emormy Rovo Imago
Original Bedroom Rockers Kruder and Dorfmeister G-Stoned [EP]
Having a Party Lee Scratch Perry Scratch Came, Scratch Saw, Scratch Conquered
Profile Guardner Ready for Take Off
Dog Days Matthew Dear Leave Luck to Heavan

Surrender Cheap Trick
Big Electric Cat
Up The Beach
Bone House The Dead Weather HoreHound
My Eyes Have Seen You The Doors
Over It DInosaur JR Farm
Unsatisfied The Replacements Let It Be
God Help The Girl God Help the Girl Funny Little Frog
Concrete Walls Fever Ray Fever Ray

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playlist July 21st

[edit] [show] 07:41am Nate G played Drive-In Saturday by David Bowie from Aladdin Sane
[edit] [show] 07:34am Nate G played Black Metallic by Catherine Wheel from Fement
[edit] [show] 07:29am Nate G played Untrust / Trust by Shoplifting from Body Stories
[edit] [show] 07:25am Nate G played Treat Me Like Your Mother by Dead Weather from Horehound
[edit] [show] 07:23am Nate G played Sour Cherry by The Kills from Midnight Boom
[edit] [show] 07:13am Nate G played Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead by Om from Pilgramige
[edit] [show] 07:12am Nate G played Keep On Runnin by Cat Power from You Are Free
[edit] [show] 07:10am Nate G played Microcastle / Calvary Scars by Deerhunter from Microcastle
[edit] [show] 06:59am Nate G played Don't You Evah by The Spoons from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
[edit] [show] 06:56am Nate G played I Gotta Right by Iggy Pop from I Got a Right
[edit] [show] 06:50am Nate G played How Do You Think It Feels by Lou Reed from Berlin: Live at St. Ann's Warehouse
[edit] [show] 06:46am Nate G played Kill Rhythm by Catherine Wheel from Chrome
[edit] [show] 06:37am Nate G played Cuando Se Acabara by Manny Oquendo & Libre from Latin Jazz
[edit] [show] 06:36am Nate G played Tormenta de Fuego by Ruben Romero from Gypsy Fire
[edit] [show] 06:33am Nate G played Zamba Malato by Susana Baca from Latinas
[edit] [show] 06:20am Nate G played Hatten Passer by Bjorn Torske from Feil Knapp
[edit] [show] 06:14am Nate G played (Letter From Home) / Fixed Income by DJ Shadow from The Private Press
[edit] [show] 06:09am Nate G played Don't Let Noone Get You Down by War from Why Can't We Be FriendsU
[edit] [show] 06:05am Nate G played Maraca's Tumbao by Maraca from Cuban Nights
[edit] [show] 05:58am Nate G played Son, Cuero Y Boogaloo by Fania All Stars from Boogaloo Rough Guide
[edit] [show] 05:52am Nate G played Courtais by Jon Hassel from Last Night the Moon Came